Promoting links between the health of Port Phillip and Western Port and its diverse communties.



Port Phillip and Western Port support a range of highly important ecosystems and habitats, a diverse and range of animals and plants, and provide many environmental, social and economic benefits to Victorians.

The bays are also an important part of the cultural heritage for the Indigenous people around our bays, and continues to be focus for a wide range of culrtural activitites and endevours. The future health of our two bays depends on the way in which we use and manage our catchments, and risks to the marine environment posed by climate change.

Two Bays 2010 provides a unique opportunity for bay managers and stakeholders to build knowledge, engage coastal communities, form partnerships to better understand and protect bay values, and to highlight the our links with bay health.

WHAT: The Two Bays project utilises Pelican 1, a 62 foot catamaran, to conduct marine research, community engagement activities, and provide opportunities for dialogue and information sharing on key bay environmental themes.

The Two Bays 2010 project has been successfully completed over the four previous summers and seeks to build on the outcomes achieved in these programs.

Specifically the Two Bays 2010 project will undertake:

WHERE: This project will occur in Victoria’s largest embayments, Port Phillip and Western Port, and along the linking coast. Destinations planned for visits for Two Bays 2010 include Docklands, Beaumaris, Williamstown, Rye, Queenscliff, Flinders, Hastings, Rhyll, and Tooradin, and Geelong.

WHEN: The project is planned to take place in the between 9th and 28th January 2010 to provide maximum opportunities for public interaction and media profile.

HOW: The Two Bays 2010 Program will schedule a range of activities designed to:

WHO: The project was initially developed by Pelican Expeditions with active involvement by Parks Victoria, Port Phillip and Western Port Catchment Management Authority, Association of Bayside Municipalities, People and Parks Foundation, Coast Action / Coastcare, Boonwurrung Elders, and the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency. The project is supported by the Australian Governments Caring for Our Country Program. Key project partners for Two Bays 2010 also includes our diverse bay communities, and coastal and marine community organisations

Opportunities for Project Partners:

Two Bays 2010 will provide Project Partners with opportunities to:

Opportunities for Coastal Communities:

Two Bays 2010 will provide Coastal Communities with the opportunities to:

Who are Pelican Expeditions?

Pelican Expeditions collaborates with marine research bodies, indigenous communities, private enterprise and government to provide a range of inspirational projects connected with the marine world. Programs provide an integrated approach to marine science, community involvement, education and industry training.

Pelican Expeditions believe that effective public education and awareness are important tools to help protect and preserve our marine and coastal environment.

Citizen Science

Two Bays 2010 project will continue to provide opportunities for community groups to contribute to research and data collection for monitoring of the health of the bays environments. Data collected through this program will be made available online for schools and community usage.

The citizen science program will include monitoring in marine protected areas within both bays as well as providing opportunities for collecting data of interest to contributing organisations. The science will involve general environmental monitoring including water quality testing, biodiversity sampling, habitat mapping, environmental assessment, and build on local programs.

Target Audiences

The program is designed to interest a broad cross section of the community including local residents, children and youth, visitors to coastal towns, and the broader community through the media. We also seek to engage environmental community groups, local government and agency staff.

Cruise Plan


Two Bays 2010 Program at a Glance


Program Day Date Location Tides Time Activity Key Participants O/Night Berth Notes
Saturday 9th Jan Docklands 5pm – 7pm Community Event - Come aboard the Pelican1 and explore our bays. Learn about the Pelican’s research and educational projects before it sails around Phillip and Western P t’ M i N ti l P k Parks Victoria Coastcare Victoria Docklands Open to public
Sunday 10th Jan Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary

10:24am 0.90 H
5:30pm 0.18 L

9am-3pm Community Event -Join Marine Care aboard the Pelican1 and discover Rickets Point Marine Sanctuary. Learn about the Sanctuary’s habitats and marine life. Includes snorkelling activity. Marine Care Ricketts Point; Coastcare Victoria; Parks Victoria; ABM Docklands Pick up and drop off from Black Rock Jetty, Half Moon Bay Melways 85 H2. BYO snorkel, mask and wetsuit. Max 20 participants
Marine pest surveys UniMelb
Seabird surveys Bird Australia volunters
Monday 11th Jan Travel day 8:18am 1.36 H 2:34pm 0.26 L 9am-3pm Seabird surveys Birds Australia volunteers
Rye Pier 5pm – 7pm Community Event - Come aboard the Pelican1 and learn about Rye's marine secrets. Have you seen the octopuses’ garden? Coastcare Rye Pier Photography display images from Octopuses Garden Open to public
Tuesday 12th Jan Bass Strait 9:11am 1.28H 3:30pm 0.30 L All day Water Quality / Bay Exchange Monash and Melbourne Unis Flinders Pier
All day Sea Country Boonwurrung
All day Bird monitoring Arthur Rylah and Birds Australia
Wed. 13th Jan Western Port 10:51am 2.33 H 5:08pm 0.56 L 9am-4pm Port Phillip and Western Port Catchment Management Authority Stakeholders Tour Port Phillip and Western Port Catchment Hastings
Thursday 14th Jan Western Port 11:57am 2.26 H
6:11pm 0.62 L
9am-4pm W/Port Seagrass Partnership trip. Parks Victoria; Museum Victoria; W/Port Seagrass Partnership Hastings
Map bathymetry of channels in Australian Marine
Marine pest surveys UniMelb
Seagrass workshop WP Seagrass Partnership Melb
Seabird surveys Birds Australia
Friday 15th Jan Northern W/Port 7:12am 1.28 L 1:05pm 2.24 H 7:14pm 0.63 L 9am-3pm Sea Country W/Port Boonwurrung Monash and Melbourne Unis Hastings Circuit over the top of French Is.
Hastings Jetty 5pm – 7pm Community Event -Come aboard the Pelican1 and learn about Western Port's Marine National Parks and the unique habitats they protect. Coastcare; Parks Victoria; ABM Open to public
Seabird surveys Birds Australia
Saturday 16th Jan Tooradin 8:15am 1.20 L 2:08pm 2.28 H 9am-4pm Sea Search -Mangrove Monitoring Training People and Parks Foundation Hastings
Parks Victoria
Seabird surveys Birds Australia
Sunday 17th Jan Rhyll Jetty 9:08am 1.09 L 3:03pm 2.35 H 9am-4pm Community Event - Come aboard the Pelican1 and learn

Parks Victoria

Rhyll Open to public
Monday 18th Jan Bass Strait 8:58am 0.58 L 2:51pm 1.26 H All day REST IP Queenscliff
Tuesday 19th Jan Port Philip Heads 9:35am 0.51 L 3:33pm 1.30 H 9am-4pm Reef Life Survey Parks Victoria Queenscliff
Port Phillip Heads Marine People and Parks
National Park Foundation
Diver Operated Video Surveys Matt Edmunds (AME),
Seabird surveys Birds Australia
Wed. 20th Jan Port Philip Heads 10:10am 0.44 L 4:13pm 1.33 H Natural history / Under the Lens Parks Victoria ; Museum Victoria Queenscliff
Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park
Thursday 21st Jan Port Philip Heads 10:42am 0.39 L 4:51pm 1.35H 9am-3pm Mud Islands -Indigenous survey. PV, partners Queenscliff
Seagrass surveys
Marine pest surveys UniMelb
Seabird and shorebird surveys Birds Australia
Queenscliff Harbour 5pm – 7pm Community Event - Come aboard the Pelican1 and learn CACC, PV, BoQ, Community Groups Queenscliff Open to public
Friday 22nd Jan Bellarine Peninsula 11:14am 0.34 L 5:30pm 1.36H 9am-3pm Sea Country (Wathaurong) Water quality monitoring. Birds Australia Bird monitoring Shorebird and seabird Bird Australia and volunteers Alexander Thomson Jetty Geelong
Alexander Thompson Jetty 5pm – 7pm Community Event - Come aboard the Pelican1 and learn CACC, PV, CoGG, Community Groups J. Ludbrook (CACC) Open to public
Corio Bay 5-7pm Tender recovery of ARC Snapper study mooring Melb Uni
Saturday 23rd Jan Western Shoreline PPB 8:38am 0.87 H 3:19pm 0.24 L 7.30am Mooring redeploy Arc Snapper study Gem Pier
Reef Watch Feral or In-peril Training at Point Cook Marine Seabird monitoring
10.30am - 4pm PV, RWV, Port Phillip (Western Shoreline) Birds Australia
Sunday 24th Jan Jawbone MS Williamstown 9:06am 0.88 H 3:57pm 0.22 L 9am-3pm Community Event -Join Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Group aboard the Pelican1 and discover Jawbone Marine Sanctuary. Learn about the Sanctuary’s habitats and marine life. Includes snorkelling Marine Pest Survey UniMelb Gem Pier BYO snorkel, mask and wetsuit. Max 30 participants
5pm – 7pm Community Event -Come aboard the Pelican1 and discover Jawbone Marine Sanctuary. Meet the Marine Sanctuary Care Group and learn about the sanctuary and the groups activities. Coastcare, City of Hobsins Bay, Parks Victoria Open to public
Seabird monitoring Birds Australia
Mon. 25th Jan. Williamstown All day REST Gem Pier
Tuesday 26th Jan Australia Day Williamstown 10:10am 0.87 H 5:23pm 0.18 L 9am-3pm Bilingual Tour Guide Group outing. Include Indigenous PV, CACC, ABM, Swinburne Gem Pier
5pm – 7pm Community Event - Join the Bilingual Tour Guides Group to celebrate Australia Day. Learn about our diverse communities and find out how your community can explore our marine and coastal parks. Include Indigenous elders. CACC, PV, Hobsons Bay, PV, VMA Open to public
Wed. 27th Jan. Docklands 10:53am 0.85 H All day Local Government Local Ports. Include EPA to talk about maintenance dredging. Parks Victoria Association of Bayside Municipalitites Docklands
Thursday 28th Jan. Docklands 6:18pm 0.16 L 11:51am 0.82 H 7:25pm 0.15 L All day Program Conclusion and Handover All Docklands
Date Location Tides Time Activity Key Participants O/Night Berth Notes